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Have you ever wanted to have your own App, but knowing how to do that has always prevented you from getting started?

Trust me I’ve been there.

There’s nothing worse than watching the pros doing their product launches and making thousands or even millions of dollars, while you’re stuck where you’ve always been, working your fingers to the bone, but never seeing any results for all your hard work.

And to make matters worse, as your bills start piling up, your wife is always asking you when your Internet business is going to pay off? You can see the doubt in her eyes and you can tell from the tone of her voice that her patience is wearing thin.

You end up feeling depressed and stupid because you’re trying to figure out everything on your own and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level.

Until recently the only solution to getting your Apps out there and trying to break through to success and financial freedom, was to either find a tick box app firm to do it for you or to do it all yourself.

The downside to that is, if the firm does it, THEY own YOUR App. If you do it, it will take MONTHS!

That’s why today, we’re thrilled to announce our brand new App Making Website – Appbuzzinga Apps

Here at Appbuzzinga we’ve been helping people with their app source code problem for over three years.

For some time now we have been buying and commissioning apps so that we own the source code and these are available to you to use, often by making only one simple change to create a unique app that you own to upload where you wish.

So what makes this different to any other App creation service? Well the BIG difference is it’s YOUR app, you own it and you can monetize it and change it and keep al the money yourself.

Let me show you exactly how Appbuzzinga works –
We acquire or commission the source code.
We give you the source code.
You change the source code.

You upload the new app.

You make loads of money.
Then you do it again.
And again.
For you or your customers of friends.

You are only limited by your imagination.

* And is super quick to set up with easy to follow step-by-step instructions that’ll have you cranking out money spinning apps in hours.

* Works with any size or type of screen allowing you to make use of tablet or phone you already have.

* The real reason why you failed, and how to break the cycle forever with one simple yet powerful website

* How to instantly become an App entrepreneur in less than a week even if you have no prior experience.

The initial feedback from Appbuzzinga owners has been inspiring.

Now you might be wondering what you’ll need to invest in order to grab your copy of Appbuzzinga

FREE – Anyone Can Become a Free Member.
FREE members have benefits:

FREE App with 100% Native SOURCE CODE
Access to ALL information on Apps and App marketing – Blogs, PDFs, Videos,


No commitment, NO charge, Quit anytime.


LIMITED Number of FULL Memberships – $24 per month
LIMITED number of FULL Members. Benefits (also listed above) include :

Access to ALL information on Apps and App marketing – Blogs, PDFs, Videos, .
MONTHLY APP Source Code for Apple AND Android Apps designed by Engineers

WordPress PLUGINS Every Month
Destop software Apps and tools to make Apps

Access to App Design/Creation SERVICE
Access to App Compiling/Packaging Service

You will not find fully functioning source code Apps that you own – to sell or use as you wish – at these prices anywhere else?
The Source Code is actually worth MORE than the built App, because MANY new Apps can be created using the same Source Code


Every business, every person, should – and Can! – have their own App. YOU can have your own App. It CAN be that easy. Why? Because we made it that easy. That, is what we do.
Programmers/Engineers already know: All Apps on the planet are created first by creating Source Code , (it’s actually text!). Source code is is ‘compiled’ – converted – into binary code, to build an executable App. That is how the ANY and ALL “Apps” are created, ultimately.

You need to bookmark these pages because we will fill very quickly……

So if you want to start raking in sales and receive a constant flow of income from your products online, just click the “Go To The Site Now” button below this video.

And I’m so confident that the tools and strategies in Appbuzzinga will work for you, that if you follow them as I’ve outlined, and you don’t find this as exciting as I do….. You can opt out anytime.

AND you can keep the Free Software as my gift to you.

Look, you’ve wasted enough time, energy and money trying to Succeed

And the missing link you’ve been searching for to finally turn your hopes and dreams into reality is just a few clicks away.

Picture right now the moment you ignite your hidden talent, lift your game to heights you’ve only dreamed of, and finally experience the true bliss that comes from financial security.

You are living out your dream. The crowd is in awe, and you’ve earned the respect, of family and friends.

So click the Go To button below this video and let’s get you started on an app today.